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The Black Dog has featured exhibits by a wide diversity of artists, locals and internationals, such as cartoonist Andy Singer, Magnum photographer Guy Le Querrec, English portraitist Caroline Forbes, Ojibway painter Joe Geshick and many others such as Ta-Coumba Aiken (the Honorary Mayor of Lowertown) or Jorge Louis Silva Santana from Brazil. 

And yeah! At a time where not everything is audible and so many mouths are shut, the Black Dog has welcomed poets, philosophers, and has encouraged people who have something to say to do so. The St. Paul Almanac, Brave New Voices, Robert Bly, and others have filled the Black Dog with words well spoken. 

Music has also been a permanent resonance in the building, with the Black Dog being the headquarters of the international Minnesota sur Seine music festival (those final night jam sessions were certainly memorable).  From Blues to Bluegrass, Bebop to Hip Hop, Old Time Roots to International and ethnic genres, the Black Dog offers high quality LIVE music most every night! The Black Dog is blessed with great natural acoustics, thanks to the amazing old timbers used in the construction of the Northern Warehouse. 

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