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Reverand Justin Hylton

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Hailing from Atlanta, Reverend Hylton has toured the nation with his songs of relatable tales of life experiences.  Heartbreak, addiction, traveling are the substance of his melodic musical, lyrical and vocal writings.
From the stage to the crowd, a real performance is heard. Real words, sung by a real man, with real meaning make for an authentic time shared by both The Reverend and the crowd.

Justin is now out touring in his van, hitting as many towns as he can and meeting as many folks as he can.  Come out and listen to the stories, new and old as he makes a stop in your town.

Reverand Hylton’s songs are his story, and Stubborn Nail is a slight autobiography about his own life and things he has experienced from “Heartbreak, addiction, partying, traveling and having a good time.” He’s a singer-songwriter that lends its ear to an American Sound.
— Lisa Parish,
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