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Carlisle Evans Peck with Anna Stine

Carlisle Evans Peck strives for the heart of human connection through his compositions and musical performance. Equally at home in a wooded glade or on a cabaret stage, his music conjures a melancholia of intense beauty. Like an acoustic ballet, his diligence and pain become a thing of dainty and powerful beauty. An evocative songwriter and passionate pianist, Carlisle weaves intricate mythologies of love, family, nature, and queerness. His transformation of emotion into music pulls at the tears between us and our loved ones, between us and the bountiful earth that we walk, opening a wound that we are compelled to tend. He puts his rawness on display - on display in the sense of a dew-dropped flower tentatively unfurling in hopes of meeting the morning sun. And through this vulnerability he gathers us into the story with him. We leave with the feeling of having made something tremendous together, of having fallen in love. Or rather, we are left heartbroken with the rich memories of a life lived fully.

Carlisle's newest album "Electric Porcelain" is a lush, intricately orchestrated love saga about deconstructing homophobia. Dramatic and poetic, it is set squarely between dazzling mythology and the rawest reality. The album chronicles the shadowy otherness, the half spoken truths, the breathless leap of learning to love in a hetero world. 

Anna Stine is an indie folk artist creating music that ponders the trials and triumphs that make us most human. Her lyrics and melodies are driven by a soulful authenticity that invites audiences to connect to their own stories. Anna harmoniously blends together her love of honest folk songs and haunting jazz melodies, while drawing upon the influence of powerful female artists. Anna's experiences as a music therapist have given her a unique understanding of the ways that music can enrapture and transform us, and she seeks to manifest this through her intentional presence and performance. 

In her debut album "Company of Now", released October 28 2018, Anna delves into the delicate dance of being present in the midst of growth and discomfort. Through songs that speak to both suffering and self-acceptance, she encourages listeners to stand tall, breathe easy, and step from the ground they're standing on.

Earlier Event: December 12
Lowertown Variety Show
Later Event: December 14
Machinery Hill