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Chemistry Set

  • Black Dog Cafe Lowertown 308 East Prince Street Saint Paul, MN, 55101 United States (map)
L-R: Jackie Crosby (b), Steve Smith (d), and Chris Thompson (g)

L-R: Jackie Crosby (b), Steve Smith (d), and Chris Thompson (g)

Chemistry Set rides the edge of Americana, Alt-Country and Rock. With deep ties to Northeast Minneapolis, Chemistry set is know for rich songwriting, sturdy grooves and compelling harmonies.

Grit, the band's third release, was celebrated in 2016. The band is currently working on their next studio release and a live recording both scheduled for release in 2017. Chemistry Set released Crawl Walk Run in 2009 and You Won't See It Coming in 2012.

The vision comes from singer-songwriter-guitarist Chris Thompson, who has a knack for evocative story lines and catchy musical hooks. He and drummer Steve Smith have played together in various bands since the 1980's, and their vocal harmonies are a hallmark of the band. Jackie Crosby brought a blues and country-swing sensibility to Chemistry Set when she joined the band in 2010.

Chemistry Set has been a mainstay in Minneapolis and surrounding regions for more than a decade, playing our brand of roots-inspired music in venues ranging from small neighborhood dive bars to outdoor stages that draw hundreds.

Check out their latest release "Grit" HERE