Black Dog Cafe & Wine Bar
Black Dog Cafe & Wine Bar

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The Black Dog encourages forward thinking but if your event horizon is a little more on the short side, scroll to the bottom of the page for events just around the corner!

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Aug 3, 2015  Jerry Kosak and Friends
Jul 30, 2015  "Charmin and Shapira"
Jul 27, 2015  Other Country Ensemble
Jul 19, 2015  Community Drawing Circle
Jul 17, 2015  Piano Fridays with Todd Harper
Jul 16, 2015  Orkestar Bez Ime (OBI)
Jul 15, 2015  MATRA
Jul 15, 2015  Cherry Spoon Collective
Jul 12, 2015  Lowertown Death Cafe
Jul 12, 2015  Fuzzy Math
Jul 10, 2015  Machinery Hill
Jul 8, 2015  Cartwright, Ikeda, and Roessler
Jul 7, 2015  First Tuesdays with Dean Magraw and Davu Seru

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